About ReThink Store


To create a community that is more inclusive and more sustainable at home.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide community connection and employment opportunities through retailing of lower waste household consumables. We do this to create a community that is greener, kinder and ultimately stronger together.

How we do it 

ReThink provides everyday household consumables (non-perishable) in mostly repurposed[1] and reusable packaging[2] to minimise waste. Products that are locally sourced where possible or made in house are stocked.

The profit from sales is used to fund local community building projects including those with skill development or environmental outcomes to improve social connection.

Information on better consumer waste management is collated and provided to the community to improve waste practices and increase awareness locally.

Who are we 

The ReThink community group and store (ReThink) is supported by Community Plus Queensland. ReThink is led by a growing and highly passionate group of volunteers - more on our leadership group is coming soon. ReThink was formed on 10 February 2019 and opened for trade 2 April 2019.

[1] Repurposed packaging is used wherever it can comply with public health requirements.
[2] Customers are encouraged to return their packaging.