Zero Waste Hair Care Guide

Hi ReThinkers, 

Time to talk about low waste hair care options. There is something here to suit everyone.

1. The absolute lowest waste option there is is the no-poo water only method.

Your scalp responds to the removal of oils by producing MORE oil! So if you just stop taking it away your scalp will eventually stop making it. EVENTUALLY being the key word here. Going cold turkey from shampoo and washing with water only your hair will take 4-8 weeks to sort itself out and then you have a lifetime of freedom from shampoo. I know one person who has managed this and her hair is amazing with absolutely no odour. It is shiny and gorgeous.

2. Corn starch/corn flour as dry shampoo

Use less hair cleansing product by stretching the time between shampoos with corn starch (yes from your pantry) as dry shampoo. Use about half a teaspoon rubbed in stages through your hair to reach your scalp. This absorbs oil and leaves your hair with nice body. Washing your hair less often also saves hot water and hairdryer use which reduces your carbon emissions. Win Win.

3. Bicarb soda/baking soda in water.

I've been washing my hair with this for the past 5 years and love it. I get an old plastic bottle, half fill with bicarb (again, yes, from your pantry), then put in enough water so that you can shake it to form a thick paste like consistency. This will last for 12-20 washes depending on how much you use. If have just transitioned from daily shampooing put a few drops of dishwashing liquid in the mix to give you a deeper clean and gradually drop this out over a couple of months. 

I love that I can buy the bicarb without packaging (from ReThink or your bulk store) and it leaves my fine hair with body and a light coating that aids with frizz reduction in the Brisbane summer humidity. 

You can rinse after with apple cider vinegar for a silky shine. One part ACV to 5 parts water. Or not, I don't.

4. Shampoo bars

These are a great option for people whose hair still needs shampoo. I have tried a few of these and found Shampoo with purpose to be the best. This is a shampoo AND conditioner bar. Lovely cleansing suds and soft clean hair at the end. It is super easy and quick which I really like. You can also wash your face and body with these bars so great for travelling. These are made in NSW so low product miles compared with most conventional hair care products. 

5. Shampoo in reused glass

If you need a liquid shampoo then we can still help you out with that in a low waste way. Rethink's basic shampoo and conditioner are conventional products we buy in bulk and pack into donated cleaned glass jars which you are welcome to return after use. 


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