ReThink Store re-invests in the local community

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At ReThink we're striving for a community that is more inclusive and more sustainable at home. It is more than the re-use and upcycling of household waste into purposeful products and it is more than purchasing lower impact products for use at home or at work.

ReThink Store also aims to improve the lives of people living with a disability through meaningful work. Through the recent turmoil we have found that we are best placed to invest our efforts into a couple of local groups who are working in this space already. 

With this we'd like to announce that ReThink has chosen to donate to eWaste CONNECTION. A donation of $500 towards their activities in creating community connections and reducing waste was well received by the group. 

ReThink Store presenting a cheque to e-Waste Connection

This is ReThink presenting the donation at the eWaste CONNECTION Yeronga facility.

eWaste CONNECTION Yeronga

Lead by Monique Lowndes this social enterprise provides opportunities to recycle, volunteer, train, and empower people of all abilities in an inclusive environment. The training, productivity and connection gained by its participants is rewarding and the work enables the processing and recycling of 40,000 kg of e-waste from Brisbane each year! 

Best of all their doors are open for you to participate in workshops, donate electrical items or tools and purchase renewed working items. eWaste CONNECTION are at Gate 2 167 Hyde Rd, Yeronga. Follow their signs to the opposite corner of the site.

The entry to eWaste CONNECTION where donated goods can be dropped off

e-Waste CONNECTION Yeronga entrance and donation drop off

Some of the renewed products at eWaste CONNECTIONrenewed and upcycled electronic goods for purchase

The sorting and separating workspaces at eWaste CONNECTIONe-waste dismantling and renewing workspace

Thank you to Monique, Ben and the whole team at eWaste CONNECTION Yeronga who invited us to share the morning with them.

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